CNN This Morning – May 25, 2023

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David Pepper, the former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, has a new book called "Saving Democracy." In it he argues that Republicans are stronger running for a lower level offices and he uses this analogy to illustrate his point with an assist from his son.

MSNBC, All In with Chris Hayes, May 23, 2023

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Ahead of any potential ballot initiatives to enshrine abortion rights in the Ohio constitution, Republicans are trying to raise the passage threshold for constitutional amendments—which has been in place for over 100 years—from a simple majority to 60%. David Pepper joins Chris Hayes to discuss.

Salon, January 15, 2022

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“There's a booming literature on the erosion of democracy in America, as well as around the world, but David Pepper's book "Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-Up Call From Behind the Lines" stands out as arguably the most important for three reasons: It brings the subject  down to earth, connects democratic [...]

Chicago Tribune, December 17, 2021

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“In a new book called “Laboratories of Autocracy,” David Pepper, former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, notes that Republicans, smartly and quietly, have taken over a majority of state legislatures and gerrymandered their way to near-permanent control. That allows a state such as Pepper’s Ohio, a swing state that [...]